ECONOMIC EVENT “SEPTUORS”: Innovative projects

The SEPTUORS Trophies and their OCCINOV’ final were designed to promote companies that innovate, distinguish themselves and develop in the region. Business leaders from the Pyrénées-Orientales will be honoured. 3 nominated in the Coup de Coeur category. Link to website: https://septuors.fr/  

 16 May 2019    Evénements

MAGAZINE “FRANCE ROUTES”: Truck student drivers Championship of France

French student drivers Championship 2019 We would like to thank Mr. Franck Dauvel for his invitation to participate in this event, a complete professional competition with multiple practical tests, which calls the use of know-how and the application of teaching. We support this initiative and wish all applicants to live this experience fully Link to […]

 25 April 2019    Evénements