ECONOMIC EVENT “SEPTUORS”: Innovative projects

The SEPTUORS Trophies and their OCCINOV’ final were designed to promote companies that innovate, distinguish themselves and develop in the region. Business leaders from the Pyrénées-Orientales will be honoured. 3 nominated in the Coup de Coeur category. Link to website:  

 16 May 2019    Evénements

NEWSPAPER «MIDI-LIBRE»: Lépine Competition

In the Pyrénées-Orientales – The fixing of goods revolutionized It’s an invention that comes to us this time from the Pyrénées-Orientales, in Claira. The LiftPlaq Eurosign company presents the RAINETTE at the Lépine competition… Link to article:,8185878.php          

 7 May 2019    News

MAGAZINE “FRANCE ROUTES”: Truck student drivers Championship of France

French student drivers Championship 2019 We would like to thank Mr. Franck Dauvel for his invitation to participate in this event, a complete professional competition with multiple practical tests, which calls the use of know-how and the application of teaching. We support this initiative and wish all applicants to live this experience fully Link to […]

 25 April 2019    Evénements


A “HIPPOLYTAIN” AT THE LÉPINE COMPETITION: LA RAINETTE, Thomas Garcia will present this ingenious invention at the Lépine Competition which will soon be held in Paris. Link to article:

 11 March 2019    Actualités

NEWSPAPER « L’INDÉPENDANT »: Lépine Competition

Article from L’indépendant presenting Mr. Garcia Thomas’ new invention, the FROAT, revolutionizes strapping thanks to its two powerful magnets, thus facilitating and securing the securing of straps. La Rainette is presented  at the Lépine competition in Paris. Link to the article: Rainette_FR_presse  

 5 March 2019    News