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In 1995, Thomas GARCIA was looking for an innovative market and so he launched into the manufacture, marketing and distribution of name tags with a very powerful magnet as a fixing system that no one was selling. These products were intended for companies whose staff is receiving public and had to be identified (hotels, restaurants, car dealerships, pharmacies, etc.) – This activity stopped following Covid in early 2021.

In 2007, Thomas, an inventor at heart, was looking for a new idea. Coming across a German article highlighting the large number of work accidents related to the handling of road signs, he had the idea:

“I am going to invent a magnetic tool to avoid these accidents!”.

After many prototypes, in 2012, a successful tool came out: the LIFTPLAQ and its super powerful magnet.

outils de manutention

The family business then developed, filed an international patent and moved to a larger workshop in Claira (66).

Thomas passed the business on to his daughter, Laurie, in 2017.

The LIFTPLAQ company is now recognized on the market nearby companies working on dry and wet underground networks (sanitation, telecommunications, gas, etc.). and accompanies its customers in the handling of manhole covers and plates.

The right gestures and postures are our daily life and we are proud to contribute to improving the working conditions of technicians on the field.

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With more than 10 years of experience in handling, we have been able to establish ourselves in France and internationally. We are also recognised by health organisations and major players in the dry and wet networks.


Quality is at the heart of our concerns. On a daily basis, we aim to maintain an excellent relationship with our customers, as we do with the quality of our maintenance tools.


We are manufacturers and experts of magnetic tools. They are designed and assembled in France. Our know-how allows us to provide quality products that combine robustness and long life.


We are committed to responding to you as soon as possible. We control the entire logistics chain of our tools, which allows us to be highly proactive in all circumstances.


We are always thinking about how to improve our products, and how to find tools that match the needs of the field. As a manufacturer, we are able to produce tools and accessories on request.

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